In the business of photography, especially in wedding photography, you really have to make an effort to not become too close of friends with your clients. After all, you have a business to run and it’s always best to stay objective. With this project, however, that’s becoming increasingly difficult, and I sort of threw that rule out the window when I met Johnny and Ariff.

They were the first couple to sign up for the project. Two weeks earlier, I was having a nervous breakdown, because I thought that everyone either thought I was a crap photographer or a scam artist or both. But the guys came along and assured me that they liked the project and my work, and even baked me a tart to prove it to me.

I could go on and on about how stylish and elegant the ceremony and reception were, but I think you can see that for yourself in the photos. The lads put in so much work over the past few months to make the day absolutely perfect. I haven’t even seen some brides put in the effort that these two have, but it totally paid off.


AllahuAkbar... AllahuAkbar... AllahuAkbar........
Terkelu lidah melidah blog yang memaparkan kisah menjijikan diatas. Ntah mana silapnya sampai sanggup jadi begitu. Menggadaikan segalanya dan hanya mengikut nafsu.

Ada yang tulis kat twitter nama betul dia Ariff Alfian Rosli pelajar tajaan PETRONAS di Kolej Universiti Dublin.. Pelik sungguh apa yang berlaku.

Moga kita mengambil iktibar dan berdoa agar mereka diberi petunjuk olehNya kembali ke pangkal jalan. Amin.

p/s - blog sumber asal mungkin telah ditutup.. hu3

2 Responses
  1. khairulqs Says:

    bbrp hari lps, kita warga Malaysia terkejut ada wrga Malaysia yang hilang kt Ireland.. nama dia pun Ariff. igt hilang pg mana.. rupanya..kawen dgn mat salleh.

  2. puterakuda Says:

    haah..ada juga terbaca pasal kes dia tu.. tp kesian sgt rupenya jd mcm ni.. hu3. Moga Allah memberi dia jalan keluar dr kesesatan.. amin